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Discover Dr. Lorenzo Muraro, where science and compassion merge to provide extraordinary animal care.

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Innovation and care in the veterinary world

We welcome you to Dr. Lorenzo Muraro's veterinary world, where science meets compassion, and modern technology breathes new life into our four-legged friends. Explore how Dr. Muraro combines his international training with cutting-edge treatments to transform the care of your pets into an extraordinary experience.

Dr. Lorenzo Muraro

Lorenzo Muraro is an expert veterinarian who graduated from the University of Parma in 2004. After graduation, he honed his skills with an internship in veterinary diagnostics at the University of Munich in Bavaria, followed by a fellowship in diagnostic imaging. He later completed a residency in surgery for dogs and cats at the DickWhiteReferral Veterinary Hospital in England.

Specializing in minimally invasive surgery, he has participated in numerous training courses and conferences, including a training period at the Translational Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

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What is minimally invasive surgery?

A miniature revolution!

Imagine a world where healing happens with fewer scars, less pain, and a quicker return to normal life. That's exactly what minimally invasive surgery offers: a miniature revolution in the field of veterinary medicine!

Step 1

Portrait of a problem

Avant-garde in his approach, Dr. Muraro uses high-definition imaging techniques to capture a detailed "portrait" of the problem area.

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Step 2

Surgical choreography

Each procedure is like a well-orchestrated dance. Planning is crucial to ensure a smooth surgical performance.

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Step 3

The small door to healing

Through incisions no larger than a coin, the future looks brighter and less invasive for your animal.

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Step 4

The art of intervention

With instruments as refined as an artist's brush, Dr. Muraro completes his work, transforming the life of your pet.

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Step 5

A new beginning

With minimal incisions and reduced pain, your pet can expect a rapid recovery, almost as if they've pressed the reset button on their health!

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Professional anesthesia at VET24 veterinary clinic

We are privileged to have Dr. Martina Argano, a professional who specializes in anesthesiology and pain therapy, as a staff member. Her presence is essential to ensure the maximum safety and comfort of your animals during each procedure.


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